Seattle Uninube FC brings ‘universal’ vision to NWPL


SEATTLE, WA— The Northwest Premier League (NWPL) announces today that the fifth club helping found the new women’s soccer league is Seattle Uninube FC. The club is owned and operated by Margarito Avila, who also owns Seattle Stars FC of the Evergreen Premier League.

UPDATE: On February 5, 2016 it was announced that Seattle’s NWPL team will use the name “Seattle Stars FC” going forward.


Seattle Uninube FC, August 2013.

Uninube_logo_600“Uninube” (pronouned ‘oo-nee-noo-bay’) translates literally to “One Cloud,” but the meaning behind the name is more clearly expressed in the phrase “Universal Cloud.” The name and the club go back to 2011, making Seattle Uninube FC the longest-running side in the new league.

“We had an idea back in 2011,” says Avila, “to start a women’s team where anyone could play, no matter their culture. Universal Cloud is an image of everyone under the same sky in Seattle, playing as a team. Back then we started with really a bunch of Moms wanting to play. Over the years we grew and college players started coming in along with some talented high school players that are now adults with a history of playing for our club.”


A recent Seattle Uninube FC Liga Azteca trophy.

Uninube has started filling a trophy case with championships in Liga Azteca (Kent) and also the Renton Soccer League. Now the club with the most history in a brand new league is looking to step up and compete in statewide play.

“We have been around for five years, hoping a league just like the NWPL would come along,” Avila says. “We want a chance to measure ourselves against other players in other communities, and share in the sport of soccer with them, too.”


Seattle Uninube FC becomes the fifth club confirmed in the NWPL. Earlier Olympic Force, South Sound FCSpokane Shadow and Fuerza FC were announced.

The Northwest Premier League will be announcing other member clubs in the coming days. League progress can be followed on the official NWPL website at, on Twitter at and on Facebook

The NWPL is an elite, amateur, highly competitive women’s soccer league for players, coaches, families and fans around the state of Washington to come together through the sport of soccer. Players and coaches can enhance their skills in the NWPL during the summer break from college. Families and fans can cheer their local stars.




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