Northwest Premier League affiliates with Washington State Adult Soccer Association


BREMERTON, WA— The Northwest Premier League (NWPL) is excited to announce that the new statewide elite amateur women’s soccer league has affiliated with the Washington State Adult Soccer Assocation (WSASA) in a partnership that in turn connects the league to the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA), the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), and FIFA.

“Choosing to work with the WSASA was an easy decision to make for the new elite amateur women’s league – the Northwest Premier League,” says NWPL Interim President Bill Wright. “The work that Tim Busch and his staff have done in supporting other local leagues and the growth of adult soccer in Washington speaks for itself. We are very pleased that WSASA has accepted our application and we look forward to a very successful inaugural season with their assistance and guidance.”

WSASA LogoWSASA Director of Operations Josh Vega says that the women’s game is getting increased focus. “From an operations standpoint, the WSASA is putting more emphasis on women’s playing opportunities in our state for 2016 and beyond. We’re planning events and assisting in the creation of new leagues to accomplish this goal. Having the NWPL as our newest affiliate supports that mission. As we’ve seen from the EPLWA and WISL there is a demand for Elite Amateur leagues in Washington and to add the NWPL to that group of WSASA affiliates is fantastic.”

President Tim Busch reports from the WSASA, “The Washington State Adult Soccer Association Board of Commissioners voted on Saturday, January 23, 2016 to affiliate the Northwest Premier League. The WSASA is proud to add the new statewide women’s league to our growing list of adult premier leagues in Washington. The Northwest Premier League joins two men’s adult premier leagues, the Evergreen Premier League – Washington and the Western Indoor Soccer League as part of the WSASA.”

white-4The State of Washington is gaining soccer exposure nationally as other regions look to replicate the new leagues formed over recent years. During the recent USASA Region IV Workshops in San Diego, California, Duncan Riddle, Executive Director of the United States Adult Soccer Association commented that, “The approach used by the leaders of the NWPL, ELPWA and WISL should be the model for growth of adult premier leagues around the United States.”

Riddle also adds, “US Adult Soccer is delighted that the NWPL have confirmed their affiliation with the Washington State Adult Soccer Association. The league will provide the perfect platform for competitive teams to play a full schedule of games and the State Association will ensure both the league and the players are protected under the necessary insurance policies. Working together to promote and enhance the women’s game can only be seen as a positive step.”

The Washington State Adult Soccer Association is a member of the United States Adult Soccer Association, and a charter adult association of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). They are a part of the FIFA world soccer family through their membership in the USSF.

The NWPL recently announced six founding clubs:  Olympic Force, South Sound FCSpokane ShadowFuerza FCSeattle Uninube FC and Yakima United.

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