Q & A with Olympic Force GM


NorthwestPremierLeague.com caught up with Olympic Force General Manager Micah McMonagle to ask him a few questions about the Force and the upcoming NWPL season.

OSC - Sheild - Force (PNG) - 600NWPL: Describe why you wanted to join the NWPL and what it could mean for your community.

Micah: We wanted to join the NWPL to help our organization sustain the team for the future. Other leagues were just too costly and there was a huge difference between the clubs. The benefit to the community is quite simply, that the team will exist going forward.

Talk about where your players will come from.

Our players are mainly local players from the community. Some are players that have finished with college and still have the desire and drive to play at a higher level. Some players are home from college and are getting additional play and training in prepare for their college seasons in the fall. Some are players just finishing up high school and looking for advanced play and sometimes a link to get to play in college.

Details – Reveal what you already have set to go – venue? coaches? Kits? Other?

The women will wear the same kits they wore last year in the WPSL. As for everything else, we are going to hold off on commenting.

white-4Describe your view of women’s soccer in Washington.

There is a void…Women’s soccer has club and high school, it has college, it has semi pro and pro but it doesn’t really have that league for players in between. The NWPL is great because it will allow those players in between, either with aspirations to advance or that just want to continue to play at a higher level than recreational leagues to do so.

Does your club have a ‘mission statement?’ Share it and explain what it stands for.

Your Community, your club, your team. We strive to create a place to play for players in the community that want something more and in turn create an experience for the community that they can enjoy and support the local players they know and love.


Are you running men’s and women’s teams? How will they help each other in terms of fans, community, sponsors, travel, etc?

We are running men’s and women’s teams. It is unclear at the moment how they will help each other outside of reduced travel costs and field costs etc. The NWPL is committed to working with the EPLWA schedule to make sure that teams can travel together and play like schedules to help reduce expenses. This will help with the longevity of both leagues and the clubs in them.


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