Q & A with NWPL Spokane Shadow Women


SPOKANE, WA— The Spokane Shadow have won two straight Evergreen Premier League championships (2014, 2015.) Now they are helping found the Northwest Premier League (NWPL) and will be a two-team club at the adult level. We sent Abbas Faridnia, Shadow Technical Director, a few questions to learn more about the NWPL Shadow.


Describe why you wanted to join the NWPL and what it could mean for your community.​

Abbas: SSC Shadow wanted to join NWPL to provide the girls and women of our area another opportunity to excel their soccer to another level. This could be for the older amateur player, to the player currently playing college soccer or the player that is still at the youth level needing another higher level opportunity. Further, this allows people, whether five years old or sixty years old, a chance to watch high level women’s soccer. And it allows the girls in our soccer club to see players play and learn by watching the game live. ​

Talk about where your players will come from.​

Abbas: Our players will most likely be many alumni that played for Shadow in their youth days. We are hoping that the players want to come back and play for their club. We will also have some of our top youth players playing as well. Of course any player is open to tryout for the team, and we are always looking for quality players. ​

Details – Reveal what you already have set to go – venue? coaches? Kits? Other?​

Abbas: We will be announcing all of these details through the month of March!

Describe your view of women’s soccer in Washington.​

Abbas: Women’s soccer in Washington is one of the hotbeds in the nation! Just as soccer in general in Washington is a hotbed! Having a league like this for the elite women’s player is a must, and a great opportunity for the women in our community. ​

Does your club have a ‘mission statement?’ Share it and explain what it stands for.

Abbas: ​Spokane Soccer Club Shadow is a 501(c)(3) non-profit club serving greater Spokane’s premier, select and developmental soccer families​ at the youth level and ​the highest level of play for adult soccer in our community.We offer the highest standards of soccer advancement, delivering a unique package of development, competition, enjoyment and community by expert, certified coaches.​ What the above mission statement stands for, is what we strive to do as a club, from the board, to the staff, to the coaches, to every one involved in the club.

Are you running men’s and women’s teams? How will they help each other in terms of fans, community, sponsors, travel, etc?​ ​

Abbas: Yes we are running a men and women ​team. This allows for the Spokane community to have both genders representing the highest level of soccer in Spokane. Both teams will work together as one family brining the highest level of play to the Spokane community. An opportunity for anyone of any gender and any age to enjoy watching the beautiful game being played.​

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