She wants Pizza: Celedon released from Spokane hospital after match collision

Angela Celedon

SPOKANE, WA— Angela Celedon went east to Spokane with the rest of her Seattle Stars teammates this weekend. Her journey took a different course near halftime of the Stars’ Northwest Premier League match at Whitworth College against the Spokane Shadow.

It’s an unsettling experience for players, coaches, everyone at a match when I player goes down and medical assistance is required. Celedon blacked  out after a collision that required immediate care.

According to Stars founder Margarito Vasquez the play was a “fifty-fifty air ball, both players going for the header.” The Seattle and a Spokane player met with Celedon being impacted. “From the sideline it looked like a shoulder to Angela’s neck in mid-air. She fell flat. It looked like head first. I asked her at the hospital, and she said that she just saw everything go black. The doctors were worried because she couldn’t move her neck due to the pain.”

Angela is awake, alert, and ready to make the trip home. She’ll be under orders to have family members watch over her for a few days more. The Shoreline College grad was once a member of the US U-17 team while playing with Harbor FC.

Vasquez stayed in Spokane with Celedon over night as she remained under watch in the hospital. He reports that she has been released and is hungry for pizza and chicken.

“Time to eat some solid food for her and then head back to Seattle,” Vasquez says. “During the hospital stay Angela kept asking for a pizza with chicken. But, they put her on a liquid diet.” Now Celedon is coming home, but not before she gets a solid meal.


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