NWPL Scoreboard: Capital FC Women earn first league win in Wenatchee

WENATCHEE, WA—Capital City FC Women (1-0-0) crossed the border up from Salem over into Washington and played NCW Alliance (0-1-0) on Sunday May 6 in the Oregon club’s first match in the Northwest Premier League (NWPL.)


Annouscka Kordom (Corban U photo) scored twice to lead Capital FC women to a debut win in the NWPL.

It was a successful trip as the visitors took a 3-1 win over the Washingtonians. Annouscka Kordom scored twice for Capital FC. Her goals in the 10th and 66th minutes provided enough to win the match. Her teammate Vicky Cruz Rosales had given Capital a 2-0 lead with a goal in the 18th minute. The Alliance got one back in the 72nd minute when a shot off the crossbar was followed home by Kate Springer.

Capital FC Women – Annouscka Kordom (2) ’10, ’66 Vicky Cruz Rosales ’18

NCW Alliance – Kate Springer ’72

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