The NWPLi Welcomes The Whatcom Waves To New Indoor Division

The Northwest Premier League is excited to welcome the Whatcom Waves to the inaugural NWPL Indoor season, kicking off in 2022. The new Bellingham based team will play at the Bellingham Sportsplex and will hold tryouts for their inaugural squad starting tonight, Friday, January 7th.

“Having a NWPLi team in Bellingham will uplift and empower young girls who are talented, driven and wish to have a soccer career after high school or college beyond the ‘adult’ recreation women’s leagues,” said Waves Executive Director Suneeta Eisenberg. “I expect a lot of talent from this area, fun-natured young women with a hard work ethic to build a community around the Waves’ code of conduct.”

The highly ambitious club has an active board of 15 people that are working to make the club the elite women’s indoor club in the Northwest. Their code of conduct includes their 4Cs core values – commitment, compassion, care and competitiveness. And their ambitiousness extends off the field as well to future projects in Whatcom County.

“I am most excited to help bring this community together,” continued Eisenberg. “By working with our city, county, port and citizens to build a new facility that will be a center for sports, recreating, energy creation and transportation. The new center will be host to games, music shows, roof-top gardens, solar panels and so much more.”

In the meantime, the club will draw players from the strong community of alumni and current players from Western Washington University and Whatcom Community College and others that call Bellingham and surrounding communities home. Much like the highly successful WISL Bellingham United club they share a facility with, the team will have a strong player pool that will take the field for the first time at tryouts on Friday, January 7th. For more info and registration, visit

“We plan to make a big splash in our first season on the field,” said the Waves’ Savanna Balfour. “We have a very talented pool of players expected to tryout and we plan to give our community a great performance every time we step on the field.”

The Whatcom Waves will take the field in the NWPLi and face Snohomish County FC, the Oly-Pen Force, the Oly Town Artesians, and a fifth team that is set to be announced soon. The season is slated to kick off in mid-February. For more info on the NWPLi, visit

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